Stop them pimping my data

People often tell me that, although they have spreadsheets that work they are frustrated that people keep entering invalid data.

This is a recurring problem whether the spreadsheet is being used as a sort of database, as a form or for something like, say, budgets.

“MAKE THEM STOP” they say.

Well we can’t completely control what people do in our spreadsheets but we can at least make it harder for them to mess things up.

“Validate and lock it down” I say. (I love catchy sayings).

Now I’m not about training or pointing out the functions available in Excel (F1 and Google will do that for you), but I will point people in the right direction so….

Check out Data Validation on the data tab on the ribbon this will give you a great deal of control over what people can key in to your spreadsheet.

Then go and take a look at formatting and password protection to lock the sucker down.

It won’t stop a really determined offenders but it will sort out those that just can’t be bothered to take care.

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