Could any of these be you?

  • “My staff use hundreds of spreadsheets, but I have no idea if they are correct or if everyone is using the same ones.”
  • “We have far too many spreadsheets but no-one has time to sort them out.”
  • “Our spreadsheets have been around a while, I’m sure that they could probably be consolidated and improved on.”
  • “This spreadsheet does not make sense, I can’t see where the problem is.”

Whether you love or hate Microsoft there is no doubt that their spreadsheet product Excel is a fantastic tool.

In the right hands spreadsheets of amazing complexity yielding high productivity can be produced.

In the wrong hands a mass of poorly constructed and badly managed spreadsheets can result in confusion and time consuming frustration ultimately resulting in bad information and bad decisions.

Typically spreadsheets proliferate and it is not inconceivable that different people can be using different versions of the same spreadsheet resulting in different answers.

It is also likely that two or more people will have created their own spreadsheet to do identical jobs: not efficient and again possibly different end results.

If your business or organisation is suffering from spreadsheet paralysis or needs to put some in place but you are not sure where to start Excel Man! could be your solution.